PT. DUA PILAR MANDIRI was corporate established in Agust 2012, located in Bogor. PT. DUA PILAR MANDIRI as Sub – Distributer and Supplier of medical good including an enormous of surgical suture and surgical instrument.

We are specialist in Operating Theater product and Medical Hospital equipment such as : Surgical Suture, Surgical Instrument, Surgical Polypropylene Mesh, Infuse and Syringe Pump, Anesthesia Products, Laparoscopy Product, etc. PT. DUA PILAR MANDIRI continuously adapt to changing environment, enabling not only survival, but prosper. As a resurt, our company’s philosophy is forward looking, seeking new opportunities by adding products, services and solutions step ahead in the medical industry.

To cover and expand our bussines in Indonesia, we have 3 Sole agent in Major, PT. SURYA KATULISTIWA NUSANTARA, PT. GLOBAL MEDIKA ALKESINDO AND PT. CHOIDA ALTIMA SEMESTA, and we conduct 6 person sales forces and 1 technician. PT. DUA PILAR MANDIRI is the right to cover all of your needs for Operating Theater Product. We will do our best to keep the customers satisfied. We provide our customers better quality of products and implement, everyone is partner in our organization.

Featureed Companies becoming a professional in the fiel of medical Dvice and to participate in fulfilling the basic needs of the hospital which is always oriented to stakeholder satisfying all interested parties.
• Being a main sub – distributor of medical equipment that prioritizes good quality for durable and disposable products.

• Being on effective partner for hospitals in meeting the basic needs og health equipment.

• Prioritizes excellences professionalism an better customers services.

• Hospital Equipment ( Surgical Instrument, Medical Equipment, Operating Theater, Laboratorary Equipment, Emergency Equipment, Hospital Equipment ).

• Medical Disposible ( Sutures Surgery, Surgycal Mesh, Steril Glove, etc ).

Our Customer Growth